Onite 12V 2000mAh Tablet Charger Adapter for Viewsonic G Tablet, Viewsonic 10" 10.1" G-Tablet & Tablet AC Adapter Charger Power Cord

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Mobile All-in-One Tablet/Smartphone Replacement for Flip Phone and Laptop?

I’m in the market for an all-in-one tablet/phone device so I can ditch my primitive flip phone and also perform all of the basic things my 17.3”, 8 pound laptop can do, but on a more portable scale. Although I have a few devices in mind (iPod Touch, iPhone, Viewsonic G Tablet, Viewsonic ViewPad 7), I’ve done research and have come up with a list of features that I’m looking for:

(1) Relatively fast (In your recommendations, take into consideration some of the ROMs I could install such as Vegan and CyanogenMod that would dramatically increase speed.)
(2) Less Expensive than a Budget Laptop (<$ 450. I’m also willing to buy used or refurbished devices, so if you’re going to recommend a more recent generation of the iPod Touch or iPad, for instance, do it only if it has notably better features, other than just being new.) (3) Covered by Square Trade Warranty (I’m fairly sure that ST doesn’t care about jail-broken or modified tablets/phones, but let me know otherwise. I know that there are also a lot of great deals on refurb/used phones on places like Newegg.com, but I don’t really know about their warranty coverage compared to Square Trade’s.) (4) Released before 11-08/Doesn’t Require Data Plan (I live on a university campus, so I plan on using the fee wifi here. I’ve also read that any phones released after November, 2008 are required to have a data plan. I don’t know if this is true for all carriers though, and I’m also unsure of this policy on used phones released after that date sold on Ebay.) (5) Intuitive Texting (This goes especially for touchpad keyboards.) (6) Many (free) Downloadable Utility Apps (I’ve heard that Android and Apple products each have a lot of apps in their store, so I don’t know if this would be a deal-breaker. One specific app I would like to have is a decent voice recording app, the reason for which you’ll see below.) (7) Free/low-cost Texting and Calling Capabilities (This applies to both receiving and sending. I wouldn’t mind using multiple apps to achieve this, either such as Groove IP, Line2, Sipgate, Nimbuzz, Google Voice, Talkatone, etc. This feature also depends on my best option to satisfy (8) below. I’m also taking into consideration the size of the device. After all, it’s a lot easier to text and call on a smaller device, but that might come at the cost of other features, such as viewing and typing 300+ word documents and also the ability to use it in class without getting reprimanded for appearing like I’m texting instead of taking notes.) (8) Working, Convenient Microphone (I’m willing to buy a Bluetooth or 2-in-1 headset if there is no built-in microphone or microphone jack available. I don’t know how the Bluetooth would work if I suddenly had to put it in take a call from someone, though. I would also really like to have the microphone be useful for picking up voices several feet away so I could record lectures, casual conversations, etc. Some of the clip-on microphones/headsets from Amazon look promising enough.) (9) Superb Customer Satisfaction Overall I realize that I am definitely asking for a lot, so any recommendations, as well as comments and corrections to my research would be extremely appreciated. My primary email address is abikau93@hotmail.com. Thank you! Viewsonic G Tablet best answer:

Answer by DG NICE GUY
Wow. That’s a long list… I will sum it up by giving you what I use. An iPhone 4 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The iPhone 4 is fast and works wonderfully out of the box.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is for everything else that the iPhone cannot do. For example, viewing Flash related websites. It will do 80% of what you can do on your laptop.
The iPhone is to complement it with speed and mobility.

But seriously, wait a few months and get the iPhone 5. Keep updated on the cost of iPhone 5 at iphone5cost.com

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