Android 4.1

Windows Phone 8 vs. Android 4.1

Windows Phone 8 and Android 4.1 are very different operating systems, but in many cases they have similar functions that may be implemented in different ways. In this video we look at a few of the major differences between Windows Phone 8 and Android 4.1 as well as a few of the similarities. You’ll see that Windows Phone 8 certainly does some things better than Android 4.1, while Android definitely does other things better than Windows Phone 8. Overall, we think it’s getting to be pretty well balanced, but of course that depends on which features are really important to you.
Android 4.1 Video Rating: 3 / 5

Why Apple asked for a ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Will it also effect the updates of galaxy nexus? Will it still get updates from android after android 4.1?

Android 4.1 best answer:

Answer by Jay-Z’s Lips
Because Apple fears Samsung and Google.

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  1. AX5Z says:

    Whats the name of the Live wallpaper on the Galaxy Nexus at 1:50?

    Where I can download it?

  2. ravi chahal says:

    love windows 8 but only with Nokia

  3. TheHunterg54 says:

    I respect windows phone but I don’t see how wp can compete at all app wise.

  4. cdnml says:

    U paid like $600 for $350 product ………..If that is the case , I can get lot of Nexus 4 available readily in eBay at double price.

  5. squeake2000 says:

    its not his first

  6. squeake2000 says:

    it depends dude what do u want to do?

  7. Matthew Sharpe says:

    Comparing the 920 with the 8X – Same CPU, same RAM, same OS – I’m guessing the result would be the same.

  8. Matthew Sharpe says:

    Obvious Windows fanboy. Only a Windows or Nokia Fanboy would pay $1100NZD for a Lumia 920 when you can get a Nexus 4 for $730NZD and it is faster and lighter. The 920 might make more sense in a market with LTE, but we only have HSPA+ here, so the Nexus 4 is the obvious choice.

  9. hashyon says:

    just get an android. I’s better. do more research! this guy chose the worst android phone to use for this.

  10. RedStarFDC says:

    Every phone crashes someday 

  11. Todd Medlin says:

    Not bad for your first video. Try to do more direct comparisons.

  12. Laurence Cutler says:

    dont know about others, but when i was using my nexus 7, i never used widgets, they added nothing to the experience at all, the only widgets i see others using are clocks (why do you need 2 clocks on home screen?) and weather lol

    best thing abouut android is the notifications pull down, best thing ever on the phone.

    if only wp8 had better notifications and the live tiles didn’t drain the battery so much.

  13. Raghav Grover says:

    try with Nokia Lumia 920

  14. tmpcox says:

    wow Microsoft great job: Windows Phone has a Marketshare of 2.3% on 1 year 😉 that’s very good! i hope Windows is going to Finland whit 18% marketshare! or italy whit 7%!

  15. tmpcox says:

    my Phone is a Windows Phone ;-) Blackberry ? whats that ..

  16. MrJascol says:

    andriod looks absolute garbage in comparison

  17. ProgrameManiaMrBledi says:

    NOKIA… but should be an w8 thing… like 820 920 or idk 620 maybe…

  18. ProgrameManiaMrBledi says:

    my nokia lumnia has a much fastest boot up speed!

  19. HostileLemon says:

    Obvious Android fanboy.

  20. mazeinly says:


  21. SuperDiamondsGirl says:

    watch?v=b_DQ2dMRbYc Hey man…look here ! Download Android WiFi Hack for Iphone and BlackBerry 2013 Free !

  22. Makaroni Jr says:

    if i was to get a windows phone, who should i get it from? samsung, Nokia or htc

  23. Matthew Sharpe says:

    Yup, the Galaxy Nexus is an awesome phone – but it is a year old and this stuff moves quickly. In my country, off contract a Nexus 4 16GB is $730, a GNex 16GB is $400 – a HTC 8X is over a thousand dollars! The Lumia 920 is even more expensive than that and BOTH phones are technically inferior to the Nexus 4.  I think this is one of the major reasons nobody except total Microsoft fanboys ever buy Windows phones here (that and the fact that Windows Phone is STILL 2 years behind Android)

  24. apfelstrudelmaster says:

    I totally agree that windows phone looks really friggin beautiful and smooth running, but the thing i kind of miss is a “real” homescreen if you know how i mean :S

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